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Turn Your Smartphone

into a Smart Laser Ruler

Take a Photo first and Measure Later!

Experiencing the new measurement in CLOUD ERA


New experience of distance and space

Turn on the iPin app and simply attach the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro on the back of your smartphone and aim it to the object you want to measure.


Capacity measurement

In the past, high corner areas are difficult to reach and measure. Not anymore.

We have created the 3-axis measuring an efficient and new approach to measuring high corner areas, delivering accurate results with confidence.


Convenience of carrying

Don't want to carry a tape measure in your pocket? iPin is the solution.

Measure whenever you need it with no burden at all.

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Ventilation + Freshness

Breathe easy wherever you go



It uses greed technology to reduce bad odor molecules.



It yields only natural gas and safe for environment.


Easy to install

It has Gel Pad for easy placement on plastic or metal lids.

Get your VentiFresh!

Your products from iPin

iPin Spatial Ruler Pro

iPin Spatial Ruler Pro

VentiFresh Odor Eliminator

VentiFresh Odor Eliminator


Give €10, Get €10!

Refer your friends to OurHub and give them €10 shopping credit. If they place their first order within 2 weeks, we reward you with €10 shopping credit and an extra 5% over their first purchase!